Spe-ed SPE N+ Quaternary Amino



Sorbent packed in standard 1mL, 3mL, 6mL, or 12mL polypropylene cartridge syringe barrels.

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Quaternary Amino
Ion Exchange
Capacity – 0.8 mge/gm

Description of Base Sorbent:

40μm irregularly-shaped silica, 60 Angstrom mean porosity.

The primary retention mechanism is strong anion exchange with typical sample matrices of aqueous and biological fluids.

Quaternary Amino sorbent packed in standard polypropylene cartridges.


#2301  1mL/100mg/100 pk

#2302  3mL/200mg/50 pk

#2303  3mL/500mg/50 pk

#2306  6mL/500mg/30 pk

#2307  6mL/1000mg/30 pk

#2309  12mL/1000mg/20 pk



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100mg, 1mL, 100pk, 200mg, 3mL, 50pk, 500mg, 3mL, 50pk, 500mg, 6mL, 30pk, 1000mg, 6mL, 30pk, 1000mg, 12mL, 20pk


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