SPE Consumables

Applied Separations offers a variety of Spe-ed (SPE) accessories, including medical grade polypropylene cartridges. The polypropylene cartridges are available in sizes ranging from 1mL to 60mL, MiniSpe-ed (Sep-PakTM type), and large reservoir cartridges (LRC). These cartridges can be purchased either empty or with frits.

Separate frits of assorted materials are also available in order to meet individual extraction needs. Syringe plungers are sold separately for manual extraction. These accessories, used separately or in combination, result in customized extraction columns for use in all solid phase extraction procedures.

filled solid phase extraction cartridge
Standard, Filled, SPE Cartridge
Large Reservoir Cartridge
Rimless and Flangeless Cartridges
Mini Spe-ed Cartridges
No-Pipette System for DNA / Protein
Bulk Sorbents
96-Well Microtiter Plate