Standard Filled Cartridges

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) products for the highest quality cartridges and the greatest selection available.

Standard extraction columns are straight-walled polypropylene syringe barrel tubes designed for fast, easy, and exact sample preparations.

These cartridges are available in
1mL, 3mL, 6mL, 12mL, 20mL, 35mL, and 60mL sizes.

Many of our standard silica-based sorbents are packed and available off the shelf for shipping the next business day in the following configurations. For additional packings, frits/filters, cartridge size, type, and sorbent weight, please Contact us.

filled solid phase extraction cartridge
box of solid phase extraction cartridges ready for shipping with 3 cartridges on top
C18/14 C18/14 Octadecyl
C18/18 C18/18 Octadecyl
C18/22 C18/22 Octadecyl
C18/OH C18/OH Octadecyl
C8 C8 Octyl
PH PH Phenyl
CH CH Cyclohexyl
C4 C4 Butyl
C2 C2 Ethyl
C1 C1 Methyl
CN CN Cyanopropyl
CNe CNe Cyanopropyl
SI SI Silica Gel
FLO FLO Florisil
ALN ALN Alumina Neutral
ALA ALA Alumina Acidic
ALB ALB Alumina Basic
COOH COOH Carboxylic Acid
SCX SCX Benzenesulfonic Acid
NH2 NH2 Aminopropyl
PSA PSA Primary/Secondary Amine
DEA DEA Diethylamino
N+ N+ Quaternary Amino
PBA PBA Phenylboronic Acid