Spe-ed DRI

Drying Cartridge - Remove water from samples and solutions.

Spe-ed DRI - The Fast and Effective Way to Remove Water from Samples and Solutions

Spe-ed DRI disposable cartridges are a family of cartridges containing a variety of drying agents. The last traces of moisture can be removed from an organic solution by passing it through a Spe-ed DRI Cartridge.

Spe-ed DRI solid phase extraction cartridge to remove water

Spe-ed DRI-1
Very mild, slow, high capacity; good for gross pre-drying, but do not warm the solution.

Contains sodium sulfate.

Spe-ed DRI-2
Excellent general agent; very inert but may be slightly acidic (avoid with very acid-sensitive compounds). May be soluble in some organic solvents.

Contains magnesium sulfate.

Spe-ed DRI-3
Very efficient and adsorbs H2O; good for drying polar liquids (pre-drying with Spe-ed DRI-1 or Spe-ed DRI-2 suggested).

Contains alkali alumina silicate.

Spe-ed DRI-4
Very efficient and adsorbs H2O, EtOH; good for drying non-polar liquids (pre-drying with Spe-ed DRI-1 or Spe-ed DRI-2

Contains alkali alumina silicate.

Negate possible interferences or reactions in your chromatographic work with Spe-ed DRI. Save your expensive HPLC and GC columns from shortened life by water damage. This water guard is an inexpensive precaution.

Irreversibly Binds Water
Because your samples have different characteristics, you may need different drying agents to give you the best results. To meet these needs, Applied Separations has a
variety of drying agents available.

Spe-ed DRI is Easy to Use
Manual Syringe
- Place the Spe-ed DRI on the end of your dispensing device or on the male luer fitting of a manual syringe.
- Run the liquid through the Spe-ed DRI.
- Push air or gas through the cartridge to remove as much liquid as possible.

Vacuum Manifold
- Place the Spe-ed DRI cartridges on your vacuum manifold.
- Place your collection glassware in the vacuum manifold.
- Introduce the liquid into the Spe-ed DRI cartridge and draw vacuum.
- Draw vacuum until as much liquid as possible has been extracted from the cartridge bed.
- Remove your glassware containing the “dried” liquid and continue further sample processing.