MiniSpe-ed cartridges contain the wide variety of sorbents found in standard Spe-ed cartridges. The MiniSpe-ed configuration (similar to Sep-PakTM) can be easily used in manual syringe operations or on a vacuum manifold. MiniSpe-ed cartridges have a 1.0mL volume. For silica gel, this is 450mg.

The cartridges conveniently stack together, interchangeably, allowing you to use more than one sorbent or to further increase your capacity. Both cartridge types are available empty or pre-fritted for your own packing.

The MiniSpe-ed cartridges use standard SPE frits, ie. hydrophobic 20ยต polyethylene. Other frit material is available. (Learn more about Spe-ed Accessories.)

Other sorbents are also available in the Mini format.