Spe-ed Amide-2


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Spe-ed Amide-2 readily extracts polar molecules from natural product matrices making it an exceptional sorbent for preparing plant extracts.

Spe-ed Amide-2 has an exceptional affinity for phenolic moieties. Rapid desorption occurs depending on the ability of a solvent to compete with the hydrogen bonds between Spe-ed Amide-2 and phenols.

Spe-ed Amide-2 is ideal for:

  • Botanical extracts
    • Remove tannins
    • Quinones irreversibly bound
    • Nitro-aromatics
  • Biotech research
    • Anti-HIV activity
    • Remove carboxylic acids
  • Natural products investigations
    • Phenol<resorcin<phloroglucin
    • Phenol>pyrocatechol>pyrogallol


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100mg / 1mL / 100pk, 500mg / 3mL / 50pk


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